Compliance Tracking

Compliance Tracking

Compliance Tracking Sleep Solutions

If you work in a high-risk job, then compliance tracking for sleep is essential. At Fort Wayne Sleep Solutions, we offer compliance tracking on our custom oral appliances for sleep apnea. Our devices can help you get the rest you need and stay safe on the job.

Certain high-risk jobs, such as those in the transportation industry, often require CPAP compliance reports or in our case, oral appliance compliance reports. Commercial truck drivers and pilots are two of the most common positions that require compliance, as these jobs require a higher level of alertness and physical ability that can be significantly impacted by poor quality of sleep.

High-risk jobs that may require sleep assessments, CPAP compliance, or oral appliance compliance reporting.

  • Police Officers
  • Fire Fighters
  • Pilots
  • Transportation
  • Bus or Commercial Drivers

Our devices use advanced algorithms embedded into a chip to monitor and report on your nightly sleep patterns, ensuring that you get the rest you need while still being held accountable for compliance requirements. As with CPAP compliance, the mouthpiece we customize for you can access and download data as needed. It’s common to submit compliance reports every 3-6 months.

Drivers and DOT Requirements for Sleep Apnea Compliance

To maintain compliance: Drivers must use a CPAP machine at least four hours per night, 70 percent of the time. Drivers beginning CPAP treatment may be certified if they have been successfully treated for a minimum of one week.(1)

Why Sleep Compliance Reports are Important

Ensuring compliance when it comes to the quality of one’s sleep is of the utmost importance. Studies have shown that proper and consistent sleep can improve job performance, improve concentration, improve mental wellbeing and overall improve the quality of life. Fort Wayne Sleep Solutions understands this and provides specialized sleep appliances to aid in improving one’s sleep compliance by ensuring that a more restful slumber is achieved. And in return, this can improve job performance and lower the risk while on the job.